Staff List

Below is the Staff Contact list. It includes each staff member's school voicemail number, email, and team website information.

Grade/Content Email Phone Number
Team Website 
 Anderson, Russell 7th Gold Math 303-982-2015   
 Andrews, Barbra Drama  303-982-5691  
Arleth, Matt 8th Gold Social Studies 303-982-0124  
Beesley, Gordon School Resource Officer (SRO) 303-982-2008  
 Benson, Jenna 6th Green Social Studies  303-982-9855  
 Brown, Becky Assistant Principal  303-982-4041  
Bult, Traci Kitchen Manager 303-982-2068  
Capra, Michele 6th Gold English Language Arts 303-982-4204  
Carroll, Seth 6th Gold Social Studies 303-982-1851  
Cavaleri, Lori   8th Green English Language Arts  303-982-9811  
Conner, Brian Principal 303-982-9645  
Cornejo, Chris 7th Green Science  303-982-1475  
Copper, Terry Multimedia
/Computer Education 303-982-2026  
Counterman, Laurie Visual Arts 303-982-2748  
Counterman, John  6 Art  303-982-2748  
 Counterman, Laurie  7/8 Art  303-982-2748  
Crawford, Andrew 8th Green Math 303-982-2032  
Detweiler, Ken 8th Green Social Studies 303-982-2037  
 De Vos,
Learning Specialist 303-982-  
Dockerty, Katherine Instructional Coach 303-982-1031  
Eicher, Izzy 7th Gold Math 303-982-2016  
Ertelt, Tobye Digital Teacher Librarian 303-982-8296  
Fletcher, Gene   8th Green Social Studies  303-982-7070   
 Galka, Becky 6th Green Math  303-982-3678  
 Galvez, Natasha Learning Specialist 303-982-2030  
 Goyden, Chris 6th Green Science 303-982-9602  
Graham, Chris 7th Gold English Language Arts 303-982-2060  
 Hehir, Gabby 6th Gold Science 303-982-2764   
Hershelman, Alyson 7th Gold English Language Arts/Publications 303-982-2025  
Hines, Savannah  7th Green Social Studies 303-982-1883   
 Jones, Rae  Financial Secretary  303-982-2020  
Kelley, Ashley 7th Green English Language Arts 303-982-8262  
Ketels, Amy  Family & Consumer Sciences  303-982-1879  
Kirkopoulos, Luke Instrumental Music  303-982-2038  
Kotas, Kathryn 8th Green Science 303-982-2047  
Leebrick, Jill Clinic Aide 303-982-2068  
Leonard, Sarah Attendance Secretary 303-982-2028  
 Littleton, Amber  Social Worker  303-982-2059  
 Maetze, Andrew Learning Specialist    
Mauler, Elizabeth Learning Specialist/Dean of Students 303-982-6219  
 Moss, Gay  8th Gold English Language Arts 303-982-9151  
 Peterson, Bonnie Health and Physical Education 303-982-1342   
Quinn, Julie 8th Green English Language Arts 303-982-2062  
Ramsay, Scott 8th Gold Math 303-982-0409  
 Rangel, Danielle Spanish  303-982-2042  
 Rizzo, Peggy 6th Gold Math  303-982-5437  
Ross, Lori Speech/Language 303-216-6112  
Rowland, Brandon Assistant Principal 303-982-2004  
Ruppert, David Counselor 303-982-3135  
 Ruppert, Lauren Learning Specialist  303-982-2029  
Ryer, Mariko 8 Gold Science 303-982-2014  
 Shotwell, Victoria  Social Emotional Learning Specialist (SELS) 303-982-9830   
 Dyer, Ashley Facilities Manager  303-982-2023  
 Smith, Geri 6th Green English Language Arts  303-982-2044  
Talley, Mackenzie Vocal Music 303-982-8963  
Counselor  303-982-0484  
Turecek, Bobbie Principal's Secretary 303-982-0534  
Unger, Anna  ESL Teacher  303-982-0668   
Waalkes, Peter Mechanics of Engineering Peter, 303-982-2054  
Walterbach, Diane French 303-982-2057  
Ward, Chris  7th Gold Science     
Yacobucci, Ann Marie Counselor 303-982-2001  
Zott, Trevor Health and Physical Education 303-982-2031  
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