Attendance Policy


1. If an absence is necessary, have your parent/guardian: call the attendance number, 982-2009, to notify the school of the REASON for your absence. The Oberon attendance line is a 24-hour voice mail system.

2. If your parent/guardian does not call in on the attendance line, have him/her write a note giving your name, the date, the days that you were absent and the REASON for your absence. Turn in within 24 hours.

3. If you know in advance that you are going to be absent, you need to go to the attendance office to pick up a pre- arranged absence form. This form must be completed and returned to the attendance office for administrative approval at least 48 hours prior to the date of the absence. If this form is submitted and approved, no additional call is required to the attendance line.


All requests to leave the school grounds while school is in session, including lunchtime, must be cleared through the attendance office. A phone call from a parent/guardian or note giving the time the student is to be excused must be brought into the attendance office before school. A parent/guardian must sign out his/her student, in person, through the attendance office when leaving during the school day. THE STUDENT MUST BE SIGNED BACK IN upon return. If a person other than that listed on the emergency card is to pick up your child, a written note giving permission must be turned into the attendance office.

We do not have an open campus during lunchtime. Students are required to eat their lunch at school. On occasion parents may take their child to lunch. A parent may take his/her child only; other students will not be permitted to leave without written permission from their parent/guardian. Students who choose to leave campus without permission will receive appropriate consequences, such as an after school detention.


If you are withdrawing from Oberon during the school year, a Withdrawal/Transfer Form must be signed by a parent. All books, fines and grades must be taken care of prior to official withdrawal. Withdrawals are handled through the Counseling Center. A counselor should be notified at least two days prior to the last day of attendance.

State law requires attendance at school for all students under the age of sixteen. The primary responsibility for insuring that such attendance takes place rests with parents/guardians. Refer to the Jefferson County Conduct Code book regarding attendance procedures.



TARDIES: Punctuality is expected! However, if you are tardy to school, you should follow these procedures:

• If you are not in your first period class by 7:25 AM, you are considered tardy .

• If you are tardy to your first period, come to the attendance office for a pass. Receiving a pass from the attendance office admits you into your first period class; it does not automatically excuse your tardy.

• If your parent does not sign you in at the attendance office, they must either call in your tardy to the attendance line, 982-2009, or write a note to the school indicating the reason for the tardy. The note must be given to the attendance secretary. A call or a note must be received within 24 hours or your tardy will be considered unexcused.


• Report to the attendance office. A phone call or a note is still required.

• Your tardy will be labeled either excused or unexcused and you will receive a pass to get into class. This pass from the attendance office does not automatically excuse your tardy.

• Consequences for unexcused tardies to class are as follows for each semester.


Unexcused tardies will be totaled every semester per individual teacher.

1st tardy - teacher/student contacts parents. Teacher documents.

2nd tardy - a detention/consequence with the teacher. Teacher contacts parents. teacher documents.

3rd tardy - a referral to the office. All school detention. Administrator contacts parents. Administrator documents.

4th and subsequent tardies - a referral to the office. One-day in-school suspension. Administrator contacts parents. Administrator documents.

7 missed periods will equal 1 missed day.

Excessive tardies are considered interference with the school's ability to provide educational opportunities

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